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Cool Quiz! Trivia
The world's largest trivia site, with quizzes, puzzles, jokes, and useless knowledge for hours of fun!

Merriam-Webster Word Game of the Day
Classic, fun word games. Play a different one everyday!
Links to some of the oddest sites on the internet, including such gems as Stupid Videos, Good Quotes, Crazy Thoughts, CyberFireworks, and a site where you can pop virtual bubblewrap!

Welcome to Cyberteens
Fun and games, news and views, cool links, and just plain fun.

Urban Legends Reference Pages
Here's where to find out whether the weird stories that are circulating on the Web or that you hear from your friends are true or just urban legends.

Bad Fads
Hilarious historical site about strange fads that have swept the country during the last hundred years. Read about the goldfish swallowing craze in the 40's, telephone-booth stuffing in the 50's, disco madness in the 70's, and more.

The Hair Archives
Astonishing photos and illustrations of real hair styles in different eras. Hair and beauty shop trivia also.

The Straight Dope
Compilation of newspaper columns by Cecil Adams, who answers mostly funny but sometimes serious questions about all different kinds of subjects.
Travel blog for teens. “The trusted voice of teens who travel.”

Literally, how stuff works! Check here to understand the ins and outs of computers, cars, laughter, sleep, lava lamps, tattoos, income tax, wiretapping, and hundreds of other things.

Teen Dream Doctor
Read about dream analysis, take a dream quiz, read other people's dreams, or make an appointment (for a fee) for private email consultation with the Dream Doctor.

homestarrunner fun
Strangely addictive goofy character stars in little movies, games, and other fun stuff.

Internet Public Library- Entertainment
Avoid your reality with these links.

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