Tech Center

Reading Lists
Specialized reading lists compiled by library staff for local readers.

Books by and About Persians
A reading list of fiction, nonfiction, and biography titles related to Iran and Persian culture.

Books for Fans of Downton Abbey
A selected list of materials for fans of the popular mini-series, Downton Abbey.

College Choices
College planning resources for students and parents.

Commodity Reading
Entertaining nonfiction books about the history and economy of commodities like coffee, chocolate, and spices.

A Dream House in Europe
A list of memoirs about the joys and challenges of fulfilling the dream of a home in Europe.

Dog Stories
A collection of fiction and non-fiction titles about dogs and their owners.

Einstein's Influence
An eclectic list of books about Einstein's life, ideas, and impact on the world.

Get Fit!
Recommended health and fitness books and DVDs available at the Belvedere-Tiburon Library.

Historical Fiction
Good stories set in the past.

Horror Fiction
Prepare for a good scare with this mix of recent and classic tales of horror.

Memorable Women in Fiction
A reading list of great female characters, from Jane Eyre to Precious Ramotswe.

Resources & Reads for Over 60
Books of interest to the aging set.

Storms, Shipwrecks, and Survivors
Survivor tales and secondhand accounts of maritime disasters and their aftermath.

Tying the Knot : Wedding Resources
Books and Web sites to help you plan the perfect wedding.

World War II Memoirs
Stories of American and Allied soldiers who fought in Europe and the Pacific during the Second World War.