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EinsteinEinstein's Influence
A Belvedere-Tiburon Library Subject Guide

E=mc2: a biography of the world's most famous equation
by David Bodanis
With anecdotes and illustrations, this
entertaining story simplifies the complexities of Einstein's revolutionary theory.
530.11 Bodanis 2000

God's equation: Einstein, relativity, and the expanding universe
by Amir D. Aczel
Einstein thought his cosmological constant theory was a mistake. Written with the excitement of a detective novel, Aczel shows that recent events prove Einstein's genius once again.
523.1 Aczel 1999

Einstein in love: a scientific romance
by Dennis Overbye
Einstein had two loves…physics and women This book explores both. An absorbing account that is meticulously researched and beautifully written.
Bio Einstein 2000

Driving Mr. Albert: a trip across America with Einstein's brain
by Michael Paterniti
Another account of the adventures of Einstein's brain. Paterniti recounts his drive across country with the famous brain in the trunk of his car. Riding with him is Thomas Harvey, the physician who did Einstein's autopsy in 1955 and kept the brain for more than forty years.
616.0709 Paterniti 2000

Einstein, Picasso: space, time and the beauty that causes havoc
by Arthur I. Miller
Miller examines the lives of Einstein and Picasso and the revolutions they each created. Miller's work captures the excitement of the time, the scene, and the people involved.
709.2 Miller 2001

And a novel…
Einstein's dreams
by Alan P. Lightman
Lightman teaches physics and writing at
MIT. His novel is an imaginary re-creation of Einstein's discovery of the nature of time.
Fiction Lightman 1993

And for fun! A play….
Picasso at the Lapin Agile
by Steve Martin
Picasso and Einstein are at a bar in France talking about the art of physics and the physics of art when time warps and in comes Elvis Presley.
812 Martin 1996

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