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April and May 2014

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liliesArtist Kathleen Buckstaff
Lilies: Line, Curve and Color; A Language of Love

Exhibit April 14-May 10 in the Founders Room
As a child, Kathleen Buckstaff spent hours playing in her great grandmother’s flower garden in Casa Grande, Arizona. Twenty years later, Kathleen’s grandmother insisted, “You’ve got to touch to love,” as she instructed Kathleen’s two-year-old daughter on how to touch a rose. Kathleen’s photographs share the wisdom of her mother and grandmothers—a love of beauty. Kathleen studied Photography and Creative Writing at Stanford. In addition to her work as a photographer, she is an author, a playwright, a performance artist and a columnist. Kathleen’s humor/ inspirational columns have been published in the Los Angeles Times, The Arizona Republic, The San Francisco Chronicle, and most recently in The Huffington Post. Her memoir The Tiffany Box was honored as a USA Best Book Awards Finalist, and her book Mother Advice To Take With You To College: Humor, Inspiration and Wisdom To Go was released in March, 2014. Prior to this show, Kathleen’s photographs have only been available to private collectors. She is a member of Women In Photography International and lives in Belvedere.
Kathleen Buckstaff’s Web Site:

marcyMarcy Smothers
Snacks: Adventures in Food, Aisle by Aisle

Tuesday, April 22, 7:30 pm in the Founders Room
When it comes to cooking with author Marcy Smothers, fun is the first ingredient! From why you should take a bath with your strawberries to what the colored plastic tabs on your bread tell you, Marcy’s insider insights will take your culinary passion from a simmer to a boil. "In Snacks: Adventures in Food, Aisle by Aisle, Marcy Smothers entices with delectable recipes that will make you a better cook, a savvier shopper, and a particularly well-informed foodie.Snacks is more than a guided tour through the grocery store; it's an epicurean adventure, with original recipes, color photographs, helpful tips, and culinary secrets that you won't find anywhere else.With her extensive culinary knowledge, and trademark humor and wit, celebrated blogger and food expert Marcy Smothers will change the way you think about quick and easy-to-fix foods.
Marcy Smother's Web Site:

socialWednesday Workshop
Social Media Clinic
Wednesday, April 23, 6:30pm in the Founders Room
(note the special time)
This is a hands-on workshop for social media managers and small business owners. Are you using social media at work? Not sure what new things to try? Join this workshop and get ideas and advice. We'll answer questions and try to work through examples together.

thrillerLocal Thriller Authors
Peter Engler and Avery Mann in Conversation

Thursday, April 24, 7:30pm in the Founders Room
Meet the authors for wine-cheese at 7pm
Local authors Peter Engler, “New and Improved:
A Political Thriller” and Avery Mann, “Angel Landing”, both self published, will discuss their publishing and editing experiences, as well as the challenges of writing a thriller.
Peter Engler "New and Improved: A Political Thriller"
Advertising executive and Vietnam-era Navy pilot, Peter Engler worked at major New York City and San Francisco advertising agencies for over thirty years. He worked closely with creative luminaries at Saatchi & Saatchi, Foote, Cone & Belding, and J. Walter Thompson to create award-winning ad campaigns for Sony, Clorox, Lipton and other successful brands. Engler experienced their superior powers of observation, creativity and professional courage in action many times. Ben Coleman is a composite of these brilliant advertising craftsmen and this story could have happened.
Avery Mann " Angel Landing"
Former legal counsel to a Pulitzer Prize winning author and playwright, Avery Mann now takes his own lifetime of experience as a diplomat, think tank director and government adviser to present an exciting new work of fiction and the launch of a new series, the Mark Jamison adventures. His current book Angel Landing a Mark Jamison thriller, is based in a fictional Marin County.
Peter Engler's Web Site:
Avery Mann's Web Site:

allenAuthor Jim Allen
Can’t Forget This!

Tuesday, April 29, 7:30pm in the Founders Room
What do you remember about Belvedere and Tiburon in the 1950’s and 1960’s? Jim Allen describes his memories in his book: “I grew up in Belvedere during the 1950s.  The subject of the book Can’t Forget This is Old Belvedere and Tiburon.  Almost everything is different now.  The characters from that time are gone—characters like Hooper and Ole and Musso and Myron Weeks and Mr. Benson.  Buildings like the Barn and the Codfishery and the water tower at the Rail Road Yard are gone.  The cows and the horses are gone too--no more hobos or staggering drunks or derelict buildings.
Half of the peninsula was “common area” that everyone could and did use.  You could walk and camp in the hills.  You could fish and swim in the lagoon.  You could roam the Rail Road Yard and the swamp and the beaches.  No one restricted the places that kids had access to.  No one said “stand back,” or “keep out” or “wear a life jacket.”  The whole area was available for play and exploration to any kid who wanted.
I have tried to capture the time and the place so my own children and grandchildren could get a taste of how it was.”

linkedWednesday Workshop
LinkedIn for Beginners
Wednesday, April 30 7:30pm in the Founders Room

LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking site mainly used for professional networking. It has 250+ million registered users, spanning 200 industries. The purpose of the site is to allow registered users to maintain a list of contact details of people they know and trust in business. The people in the list are called Connections. Users can invite anyone (whether a site user or not) to become a connection. It can then be used to find jobs, people and business opportunities recommended by someone in one's contact network. Librarian Heather Anne Lamb will help you explore LinkedIn, sign up and start your profile. Attendees should have prior experience using the internet, a web based email account and know their email password to sign in. Space is limited! Please call the Reference Desk at 789-2661 to sign up.

obomOne Book One Marin
 Culmination- Farm City
Novella Carpenter and Michael Krasny In Conversation
Wednesday April 30, 7:00 pm (doors open at 6pm) at Angelico Hall, Dominican University of California
Author Novella Carpenter will join KQED host Michael Krasny in a discussion of her memoir at this special culminating event.
The One Book One Marin selection is Farm City by Bay Area author, Novella Carpenter“By turns edgy, moving, and hilarious.”—Michael Pollan, author of The Omnivore's Dilemma and In Defense of Food
AN UNFORGETTABLY charming memoir, Farm City is full of hilarious moments, fascinating farmer's tips, and a great deal of heart. When Novella Carpenter—captivated by the idea of backyard self-sufficiency—moved to inner city Oakland and discovered a weed-choked, garbage-strewn abandoned lot next door to her house, she closed her eyes and pictured heirloom tomatoes and a chicken coop. The story of how her urban farm grew from a few chickens to one populated with turkeys, geese, rabbits, ducks, and two three-hundred-pound pigs will capture the imagination of anyone who has ever considered leaving the city behind for a more natural lifestyle.
Angelico Hall, Dominican University of California 50 Acacia Avenue, San Rafael
415-485-3202. Seating is limited so please come early.
One Book One Marin Web Site:

solomonAuthor Susanna Solomon
Point Reyes Sheriff’s Calls

Tuesday, May 6, 7:30pm in the Founders Room
Point Reyes Station: At 10:42 a.m. deputies called for back-up for a "pedestrian who was not following orders." So begins the short story, "Following Orders" in which we are introduced to the charmingly confused pedestrian, Fred Rhinehart, one of the magical characters author Susanna Solomon has conjured up for us in this collection of short stories, all set in Point Reyes, her scenic and lovely home town in northern California. Though the characters are fictitious, the author conceived of their adventures by pondering on actual Sheriff's Calls published in her favorite local newspaper, the Point Reyes Light.
Originally an East Coast resident, Susanna moved to San Anselmo when it had a hardware store, a five and dime, a shoe repair shop, a car parts shop, two department stores, and two pharmacies downtown.
While raising her young family in the 70s, she became a free-lance journalist, and, disappointed with her prospects in that realm, she turned her attention to a different field; math, science, and engineering. Engineering is her day job- writing is her passion. For many years, Susanna studied with Melba Beals (one of the Little Rock Nine and a great teacher) and Jim Frey (How to Write a Damn Good Novel), and wrote two memoirs and one and a half novels. She also attended many writers’ workshops in Maui, Squaw, Utah, New Mexico and California. She will be discussing her new book of short stories set in Marin County.
Susanna Solomon’s Web Site:

weissArtist Carol Weiss

Wednesday, May 7, Noon to 1:30pm
in the Founders Room

If I can draw, you can too!
Come to the Library for a free workshop. You don't need any materials. We will provide pencils, paper and pastels. If you have a photo that you would like to use for inspiration, bring it along. Register at the Reference Desk- 789-2661.

elements1Wednesday Workshop
Photoshop Elements 8- Class 1
Wednesday, May 7, 7:30pm in the Founders Room
Participants will learn the basics of editing images with Photoshop Elements 8.  You will learn to open images, crop an image, change the zoom, use the filter gallery to change the appearance of an image, and learn to make a new
blank image. Attendees should have computer experience. Space is limited! Please call the Reference Desk at 789-2661 to sign-up for this hands-on workshop.

felidaeZara McDonald, Felidae Conservation Fund
Bay Area Puma Project

Thursday, May 8, 7:30pm in the Founders Room
San Francisco-based and globally-working wild cat conservationist and naturalist Zara McDonald, Executive Director of Felidae Conservation Fund, gives an engaging and inspiring presentation about mountain lions and the work currently underway to study and protect them. Felidae Conservation Fund is a non-profit that aims to advance the conservation of wild cats and their habitats planetwide through a combination of groundbreaking research, compelling education and cutting-edge technology. Felidae works in both North and South America on different mountain lion research and conservation projects. The flagship project is the Bay Area Puma Project – These keystone predators (also called pumas and cougars) play a critical role in maintaining the health and biodiversity of our ecosystems. However, expansion of human populations is causing increasing encounters and conflicts between humans and pumas, and growing tensions in our local communities. Zara discusses mountain lion ecology and history, the challenges of sharing the habitat with mountain lions, and offers essential tips for living and recreating without fear in puma habitat.

artDel Mar Student Art Show
Reception Tuesday, May 13, 6-8pm
Exhibit May 12-May 23 in the Founders Room

Belvedere Tiburon Library Teen Services is happy to host the 11th Annual Del Mar Art Show. For two weeks, our Founder's Room Gallery will be filled with the work of Aaron Snyder's 8th grade Portfolio Art Class. It is essentially a full year advanced art class for 8th grade only. Come and see the exciting work of these young artists.

elements2Wednesday Workshop
Photoshop Elements 8- Beginner Class 2
Wednesday, May 14, 7:30pm in the Founders Room
Participants will learn to work with the brush tool, change foreground color, use the paint brush, erase part of an image, select and move an area of an image, add text to an image, move and add layers, add a drop shadow, and finally save your images for use on the web. This is an intermediate level course. Attendees should have taken Photoshop Elements 8- Class 1 or be able to use Photoshop Elements 8 menus, toolbars and basic editing commands. Space is limited! Please call the Reference Desk at 789-2661 to sign-up for this hands-on workshop.

satCollege Admissions Testing Workshop
Saturday, May 17, 2014, 10:30 am - 12 pm
in the Founders Room

Adam Piacente, founder of Marin SAT Prep, will present College Admissions Testing 101: How to Plan for the SAT and ACT to help college-bound students and their parents better navigate the often confusing process of college admissions testing. This is a free program for teens and adults. Registration is suggested. Call the Teen Librarian for info and registration 789-2665 ext.238.